Looking for our hot bar menu? We post the daily menu on our Facebook page!

The Bee’s Knees

A double shot of delicious Mocha Joes espresso and your choice of steamed milk with local honey and a sprinkling of cinnamon!


The Spring Awakening

A toasted everything bagel with cream cheese, carrots, cucumber, sprouts and baby kale to power up your morning!


The Strawberry Balsamic Chicken Wrap

Our housemate rotisserie chicken, sliced organic strawberries, maple balsamic dressing, avocado, crumbled feta cheese and leaf lettuce on a spinach wrap


PLEASE NOTE: Our deli closes one hour before the store. Keep that in mind when planning dinner or your evening study snack! Deli hours are 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. during our summer hours.

New Co-op Deals valid through May 29th!

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