The Putney Co-op has a donations policy that is aligned with our Ends Statement which is:

Because of all that we do, Putney will have an inspiring and sustainable community marketplace benefiting members and stakeholders.

In keeping with these values, we contribute regularly to organizations that:

  • Support the populations of our region
  • Have no political or religious affiliations
  • Have as a goal improving and/or educating consumers about the nutritional quality of food; improving sustainability in food production; and/or supporting local food production
  • Support co-operative values
  • Support learning and personal development, such as educational institutions
  • Provide relief to low-income households
  • Support environmental stewardship
  • In order to fulfill the large volume of requests, we only offer to donate one $10 gift card to use either as a raffle item, or for purchasing food for the event.
  • We are happy to offer Cost + 15% pricing to local businesses on full case items, and a 20% discount for off-the-shelf purchases, in addition to the $10 gift card.
  • We may be able to provide items at no charge that are credited to us through a supplier, however this arrangement requires a minimum of 6 weeks advance notice.
  • We appreciate your acknowledgement of our donations, either at your event, through your company’s newsletter or advertising venues, or via the word-of-mouth that community giving generates.
  • It is our intent to help our community to the extent we are able. We donate thousands of dollars each year in product and gift certificates as well as hours of staff time required to respond to requests in the best way possible. We will carefully consider your donation request and will do the best we can to support your organization. Thank you for thinking of Your Co-op and for your valuable work in our community.

 Click to view the Donation Request Form (PDF). Print and fill out the form, then drop it off at the co-op for consideration.

If you have any questions, please email our Outreach Coordinator, or call (802)387-5866 x 122.